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Hepatitis B infection is caused by hepatitis B virus (HBV). The virus can cause acute hepatitis. Fewer than 5% of infected children under 5 years of age and 30-60% of infected adults are symptomatic. Common presentations include fever, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, yellow coloring of the eyes, dark urine and clay colored or light stools. Symptomatic or not, approximately 5-10% of adults and 95% of perinatally infected infants are unable to clear the virus, thus becoming chronic carriers. They may subsequently develop chronic hepatitis, permanent liver damage or liver cancer.

Hepatitis B virus can be found in blood and body fluids of an infected person. It is spread in the following ways:

1. Mother to infant transmission at or around the time of delivery.

2. Blood contact

I. by direct contact with contaminated blood

II. by sharing contaminated personal items such as toothbrushes, razors and nail cutters

III. by sharing contaminated needles

IV. by ear-piercing, tattooing or acupuncture using contaminated instruments

V. by transfusion of contaminated blood or blood products

3. Sexual contact

The incubation period ranges from 45-160 days. Symptoms usually occur within 3 months.

Before use, you must read the instructions of this package carefully, and you must follow the instructions included in the package.

Hepatitis B (Home Rapid Test)

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